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I’m neither a former fashion editor nor a celebrity who has decided to extend her name to a jewelry collection.  I’m a working creative professional – trained as an interior designer – with a deep-seated passion for creating beautiful objects that function well.


It is said “Never underestimate the power of suggestion.”  But I say “Never underestimate the power of personal style!”  If you’re a woman looking for modern, fashion-forward jewelry and accessories that communicate style, authenticity and casual sophistication, Barbara Boz Boutique is for you.  I always want my jewelry to say positive things about the woman wearing it.  And it’s designed to naturally transition with her all day long – from work to event to casual to travel – without her feeling over or under-dressed. 


My name is Barbara Boz.  I chose jewelry because it chose me.  I have been sketching jewelry, without purpose, forever.  At some point, maybe it was when I turned 40, I could no longer ignore the artistic tug to bring my jewelry collection to life.  In a moment, StyleNaturale (my first collection) was born, and I have never looked back.  I have worked my entire life to bring beauty in a million small ways into this world.  I’m comfortable with design being my center.  I have become an expert in styling, fashion trends, jewelry design – and how to fit a great many things into one day!  I have a knack for discovering beautiful objects in the oddest places.  Oh, and I make a mean gazpacho soup – a great recipe from my dear friend Lillian!


Daily life is filled with my work, good friends, catching up with family, working out, biking, rummaging through antique and farmers’ markets, making my home and garden beautiful – and business travel.  I used to dream up ways to run into Oprah and share my collection with her.  Several years ago, I presented my StyleNaturale collection to Oprah’s editors in New York.  Much to my amazement, within six months, Oprah wore my jewelry on the cover of O, the Oprah Magazine!  This endorsement launched my jewelry business.  Clearly, you become what you think – and I say, DREAM BIG!


Be your best . . . and create the life you want,


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