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138C Double-Rondel Mix Colorblock

138C Double-Rondel Mix Colorblock


138C. BB/CB-N12


Materials: 6mm tiger's eye stack, dark bronze, golden pyrite


Collection Info

For a stunning casual-luxe style that says sporty elegance, this is the perfect necklace accessory for a range of looks from comfy sweats to jeans to business to serious dress-up attire.


Barbara Boz’ Colorblock Necklace Collection comprises luxurious semi-precious color, unstructured styling and a multitude of striking patterns. Each 48” long necklace joins swaths of stunning color, faceted minerals and matte metallics. The entire assemblage is held on wire for durability and graceful movement.


Barbara’s demanding eye identifies semi-precious beads that go well beyond best color. “I’m looking for semi-precious beads that speak to me. It’s not entirely about finding great color. I’m also looking for stones that possess a quirky uniqueness. When a rock is excavated from the earth, the most amazing colors for me are found on the outer edges because that’s where the influence of adjacent minerals and prehistoric vegetation play a role in creating something extremely rare. I get very excited about finding a labradorite with mica sparkles, or strawberry quartz with shadows of sulfur, or an odd-colored tourmaline with gorgeous inclusions!”


This is a buildable collection. Wear a colorblock necklace alone – or layer it with one or two more of varying patterns and colors. Wear them long or double-wrapped. Pull one tight to the neck like a choker – or double-wrap two necks and wear both at 24” long for a very interesting mash-up!


And as an added bonus, one colorblock necklace will bring new life and glamor to that forelorn pearl or chain necklace that you already own and never wear!