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“Style can be a powerful player in your life,” says Boz.  “I think it’s important to create your own personal style because it sets you apart, communicates your values – and makes you feel confident and energized.


When a new customer comes into my shop, I always suggest that they take a look around and let me know what speaks to them.  I’m pleased to say that many customers feel a personal connection to my jewelry.  When that happens, jewelry plays a much deeper role.  It contributes to identity and self-worth.  When I’m designing new collections, I always think about this.  I’m value-driven in my design thinking.   One thing that’s important to me is that my jewelry inspires delight.  While designing, I like to bring together disparate elements – organic and machined, antique and industrial.  I like the tension of opposites. For me, that’s the undercurrent for creating the unique and forward-thinking. 


Overall, I have a casual, unstructured modern design sensibility.  I think it works best with where fashion and lifestyle are going.  I always want my jewelry to look and feel natural and be very wearable – not contrived, stiff or overdone.  I’m not about the “statement necklace.”  I’m more inclined to design a system of stylish pieces that all work together.  Through layering and interchangeability, a multitude of looks can be achieved. 


Customers continue to invest in my accessories for a lot of reasons.  It gives them great casual, luxurious style.  Stylistically, my collections have a long shelf-life – and their versatility works for them in their busy lives.   


I also bring to my shops other designer accessory lines that are out-of-the-ordinary, artisanal and look great paired with my jewelry collections.  I search the world for pieces that wow me.  I love pieces that are hand-made in luxurious materials and constructed in a high-quality manner.  It’s all about the details for me.  It’s my goal to fill my shops with beautiful, unique accessories – pieces that you’ve always wanted but couldn’t find yourself. 


I stay on top of style directions which are driven mainly by the European collections.  It’s a lot of work and I know that many of my customers have neither the time to research nor the affinity to translate this data into their own personal style.  I’d like to think that I do the work so my customers don’t have to!”


Barbara has been immersed in the world of design all of her life.  She practices jewelry, landscape and interior design.  She is formally trained in the latter.  “Having worked extensively with form and function, I’m attentive to beautiful things that work, so I always look through that lens.  Each piece is designed with flexibility in mind.  Ultimately, I’ve created stylish, versatile and affordable collections that works together.  Mix and match.  This is the kind of luxury that I want.”  Barbara resides in a historic Craftsman home north of Detroit. 


266 E Maple Road, Birmingham, Michigan 


157 State Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan 

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